I am a software engineer developing algorithms in the area of Natural Language Processing. Until recently, I’ve been responsible for integrating NLP technologies into an e-commerce search engine enhancement platform at Twiggle. Previously, I was the CTO of IntuView, where I worked on automatic extraction of information from documents in Arabic and other languages. Before that, I was a software engineer at Baobab Technologies, where I developed computerized dialog systems. (See LinkedIn profile).

I have over 20 years of experience in industry and academia in areas of Natural Language Processing, Artificial Intelligence, and Logic. I have a Ph.D. in Computer Science and Linguistics from Stanford University. My research project was PULC: precise semantic understanding (by a computer) of textual logic puzzles, and it was conducted partly in cooperation with the Palo Alto Research Center. The dissertation is here, and I’m now working on a renewed version called UNLLP: Automatic Understanding of Natural Language Logic Puzzles. My B.Sc. and M.Sc. in computer science are from Tel Aviv University.


I’m also very interested in personal development and spiritual development – how to live a happy and meaningful life. I completed a course for therapists in Trilotherapy which was developed by Zen-master Nissim Amon, and I took part in a variety of other courses and workshops on personal development. I enjoy sharing with people my personal experience and what I’ve learned, and helping them if I can, both one-on-one and in a group meetings that I organize.

I’m working on integrating everything I learned into one framework. This is still very much work in progress, which is currently distributed between various drafts of websites (and many more in my private google drive…). One website is about the question: How can we create an exemplary society? A few others websites (1, 2, 3) are about personal and spiritual development. I also sometimes create videos where I explain about these topics.